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We Will Teach You To
Read and Play Music!

Improve your life, reduce stress, give your child a life skill for success! The team at MusicReadingClass.com offers a fun, innovative, and affordable way to learn how to read and play music.

In the Classroom, at Home, or On the Go!

We believe that learning to read and play music doesn’t have to be hard, and we can help you whether you are:

  • A parent who wants their child to excel and enjoy the benefits of music
  • A music educator looking for an engaging and innovative teaching supplement
  • A homeschool parent or director looking for the perfect music reading program
  • An adult who feels like they do not have the time
  • A musician who never learned to read music
  • Super busy and need to learn on the go!
Level Breakdown

Why our Music Reading Classes?

The MRC team has over 87 years of combined experience in music education. We have worked for 3 years to create the most innovative, fast, easy and fun way to learn to read music online.

We use a combination of engaging instructional videos and our library of printable resources to make learning to read music interesting and fun for students of all ages.

The Music Reading Class (MRC) instructional videos are pre-recorded, so you can enjoy the course on a flexible schedule, or a structured, six-week schedule. 

Learn Your Way

Music Reading Class (MRC) has two versions or modes. You choose your mode, Classic Mode or Game Mode.  Both versions have the same course content but customized videos and level names.


MRC Classic Mode:
A straightforward format for both kids and adults!


MRC Game Mode:
Follows a fun video game or movie storyline for both kids and adults!

Class Content

Both MRC Modes have identical course content but customized videos and level names. 

MRC Classic and Game Modes both feature:

  • One guide and one instructor for each level
  • Instructional videos for each level
  • Level Completion Challenges
  • PDF resources to keep!

Start Your Musical Journey

Give yourself and those close to you the gift of learning to read and play music. By doing so, you’ll also help others to do the same because, with every 100 MRC courses sold, we will donate to children in need. 


"This is one of the best online music course offerings I’ve ever seen!"

Jim McFalls
Towson University

“Having taught music in public schools for 41 years, I highly recommend MRC to supplement your school music program.”

Barry Enzman
Glenelg High School

“What an amazing and comprehensive course, all for a fair price. I found the Game Mode to be quite fun, even for someone my age (in their 50s)!”

Dan Bryan
Sierra Pacific Windows

“Music Reading Class.com (MRC) is a true breakthrough for ANYONE who wishes to learn how to read and make music.”

Jonathan Sindler
Mount View Middle School

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