MRC Reviews

“Music Reading (MRC) is a true breakthrough for ANYONE who wishes to learn how to read and make music. The course is innovative, informative, convenient, user-friendly, and the videos are as fun as they are educational. The best part is that it can be tailored to fit even the busiest of schedules and lifestyles so there is no reason not to experience the many joys and benefits of learning and making music.”

Jonathan Sindler
Director of Bands
Mount View Middle School

“This is one of the best online music course offerings I've ever seen. The platform is easy to navigate and clearly understandable at every level. Kudos to you and your team!”

Jim McFalls
FT Faculty Lecturer
Towson University

“Music Reading Class is a clear, sequential program that can help students and adults learn how to read music. The topics are broken down into mini lessons that are easy to follow. Each unit also contains short, doable assignments as well as a review section. This is a great supplement to theory concepts taught in the classroom or studio teaching. It can also be a helpful review tool for students who need repetition or information presented and practiced in a different modality.”

Jenny L. Neff, Ed.D.
Program Director for Music Education
University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

“As a full-time public school music educator with a 20 year tenure at all levels, I think Music Reading Class is a fantastic way for anyone to start their music reading journey.”

Richard Twigg
Instrumental Music Teacher
Fulton Elementary School

“I was quite impressed with all the content and the formats for instruction. I found the Game Mode to be quite fun, even for someone my age (in their 50's).

The videos were very helpful and I loved how there were multiple instructors involved. Mixing the content between different people keeps the material fresh, interesting, and flowing. The course is put together in a way that is easily understandable. Each section starts with instructions and works through assignments, with plenty of support and guidance along the way.

I definitely feel this course is suitable for people of all ages. I have a music background and still learned quite a bit. This is something that I wish I had when going through school in my younger years. What an amazing and comprehensive course, all for a fair price.

Congrats to the team that put this together! Well Done!”

Dan Bryan
Northeast Sales Director
Sierra Pacific Windows

“MRC provides a fun and unique way to teach yourself or your child to read music in just 6 to 10 weeks. You can go from not being able to read music to reading and understanding written notation and even notating your own ideas. Reading music is an essential skill that helps in communicating ideas with other musicians.”

Barry Caudill
Loyola University of Maryland

MRC is an interesting and important course to help music students better understand how to read music in a fun and engaging way. Having taught music in public schools for 41 years I’ve always found that students enjoy their musical experience more if they are comfortable navigating notation and feel comfortable when asked to sight read music.

This program breaks down the elements of music reading in easy to understand segments with the availability of mastering a level before moving on! Students can move at their own pace with this easy to navigate program. The instruction is clear, with interesting graphics and switches between instructors to keep the students engaged in the process of getting comfortable with reading music.

I highly recommend this program to supplement your school music program, or to help your private students reinforce work done at their lesson!

Barry Enzman
Director of Bands (ret.)
Glenelg High School

“MRC is an excellent way to learn to read music. A great deal of time and thought went into the creation of this program and it shows. Navigating the road to reading music couldn’t be easier.”

Mike M.
CEO at Grumbleboy

“Learning to read music can be tedious and frustrating. But when you learn the basics of music notation, the world of making music with others quickly expands beyond your imagination. The folks at MRC have taken the frustration out of learning to read music with this wonderful interactive program. It is fun and includes everything you need to know in order to read music of any genre! Don’t let the dots on the page scare you and keep you from the enjoyment of making music!”

Dave Ballou
Division Leader of the Jazz and Commercial Music Division
Towson University

“What a great way to learn to read music. The information and the videos are clear and helpful. It's nice to be able to go at your own pace and have access to material to keep for future use. It's fun and keeps you motivated throughout the process; all at a great value!”

Kim B.
Franklin & Marshall College

“MRC is an impressive, easy to understand music reading curriculum. It is fast paced, fun to complete, engaging, challenging, highly sequential, and comprehensive. Lessons at each level are concise, right to the heart of the concept, and include printable resource guides. Daily assignments and level reviews ensure mastery of presented concepts. Clapping, counting, singing/playing and writing music make this program exceptional. I only wish I had the opportunity to learn about music in this manner. Bravo to the entire MRC team.”

Sue Wilson
Music Department Chair & Director of Bands
Ridgely Middle School

“Trying to pursue music at a more serious level becomes intimidating very quickly, and this program does a great job of emphasizing the most important skills you need without ever overwhelming you. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who’s been hesitant to take the dive or who knows their instrument but doesn’t feel they have a solid foundation of music notation yet.”

Ben McLaughlin
Music Major
DePaul University

“This course is extremely professional and well done! I tried to find something to improve but I couldn’t. I loved it!”

Raymond Hild
Triangle Advisory Group, LLC

“I had the opportunity to review MRC in great detail. I was very impressed. I feel that this course is easy to understand as well as fun and will help you to learn a skill that will be very valuable to you in the future. As a teacher with over 40 years of teaching experience as well as being a music academy owner, I do not give this type of praise unless it is truly warranted.”

Damon Foreman
CEO at DFMA is an engaging and fun instructional method for learning to read music. It will benefit both new and experienced musicians looking to develop or improve upon their note reading fluency.”

Alex Mueller
Instrumental Music Teacher
Riderwood & Warren Elementary School
BCPS-TV Producer

“Thank you for the opportunity to review your new and exciting Music Reading Class (MRC) online program. Wow! It’s excellent!

You and your impressive team have nailed it. The MRC course videos, materials, and instruction are clear, unintimidating, and fun. Most importantly, the MRC course is a tremendous financial value for solid grounding in an invaluable skill set that will last a lifetime.

I would urge anyone young or old (like me) with the interest or need to learn how to read music to sign up, start the course, and not look back.

Clarence Bishop
Government Senior Executive (ret.)
Washington, DC

“Learning to read music can be monotonous and exasperating at times, even for eager music students. But with MRC, you get an engaging interactive program that helps you master the basics of music notation. The videos also offer a thorough, step-by-step method that allows the music student to learn how to read music at their own pace. The lessons are compelling, and the assignments ensure mastery of all the materials presented.

This program is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to read music wherever they are in the world and on a timeline that they set for themselves.”

Sean Fenlon
Founder & CEO at Symphony42

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