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Music Reading Class - Made by Teachers, Powered by Community

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Level the playing field and strengthen your program with our innovative supplements.

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Help your child excel in music, and beyond!

Music is supposed to be fun & enjoyable.

Students of ALL Ages

Learn to Read and Play Music!

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MRC is available in Classic Mode and Game Mode.

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Music Reading Class features:

  • A combination of instructional videos, assignments, and challenges
  • Highly segmented videos for easy start/stop, reference, and retention
  • Videos that combine instruction with constant graphics and visual aids
  • Platform game style levels with maps and challenges in Game Mode
  • Digital format with optional physical music writing sections
  • A choice of structured six-week curriculum or self-pacing
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • Courses on the reliable Teachable course platform
  • A storyline that guides the student through the lessons

Music Reading Class courses can be customized to fit student and educator needs. The soon to be released MRC School Edition features:

  • Teacher Tool Kit filled with educator resources
  • MRC Band, Orchestra, and Choir specific versions
  • MRC General Music
  • Full MRC Resource Library in PDF format

"This is one of the best online music course offerings I’ve ever seen!" 

“Having taught music in public schools for 41 years, I highly recommend MRC to supplement your school music program.”

“Music Reading Class is a true breakthrough for ANYONE who wishes to learn how to read and make music.”

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Join us in helping to strengthen music education, allowing it to survive, grow and improve lives.

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